The New Card

A good idea requires the proper materials & methods in order to fulfill its potential. Such was the case when I designed my business card.

I had played around with Ouija board idea in a previous design. All the elements lent themselves to the service of the overall purpose & intent beautifully, but the results of a standard print job on regular card stock seemed diminished... like trying to see a remarkable view through a smudged lens. I shelved the idea for a time, but eventually came to the notion that what was lacking wasn't a question of design in terms of layout or usage of type or logo, but one of materials & printing process.

I got in-touch with Luxury Wood Works in Minnesota & began sending them files to see what we could achieve with laser engraving on wood.

The results are not only eye-catching, but introduce other senses into the conversation such as texture & even scent -- It has the distinct note of a camp fire! 
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