S.S. Coachella - Poster design competition entry.

Poster design for the S.S. Coachella Cruise.

 S.S. Coachella

Poster design competition entry
The focus of this competition was "Summer Festivals." They [the festival] could already exist, or they could be made-up.

The S.S. Coachella Cruise is an actual event, but it is booked to take place during a non-summer month. So, in order to keep with competition regulations, I changed the dates to take place in the summertime. 

I decided to base my design on the newly announced Coachella Cruise, mostly because I had thought it was a joke when I first heard & because public opinion seemed to respond to the idea with some deal of disdain... but I also wanted to do this because the graphic design work used to promote the event is so utterly bad... Seriously. It looks as though someone spent maybe 20 minutes putting the poster together.

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