Meanwhile, in San Francisco

A socially satirical piece of print design addressing recent protests in the Bay Area involving shuttle buses that cater solely to those employed in the tech industry.

This was a design I had assembled in response to the recent protests here in Oakland & in San Francisco.

On the morning of December 9th of 2013, protestors surrounded a Google shuttle bus in San Francisco's Mission District, preventing its departure for around a half an hour.

The shuttle buses catering solely to those employed in the Bay Area's booming tech industry have, for many, become a symbol of tech-fueled gentrification, economic inequality and soaring housing prices in the city as well as neighboring areas.

The effort was repeated on December 20th at MacArthur Bart station in West Oakland.

News reports covering these events can be viewed here.
UPTOWN ALMANAC used this work for a story they posted about how San Francisco plans to deal with the tech bus issue. Click HERE to read.
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