Last Gasp Logo Submission

This was my submission to a contest held by Last Gasp Publication to redesign their logo.

I've been a fan of Last Gasp Publications since I had gotten my first books on one of my favorite painters, Robert Williams back in the late 80's. For any young man yearning to get into trouble, alienate himself from his peers & disappoint his family, Last Gasp had more than enough material to absorb. And absorb, I did.

Ron Turner is also a San Francisco icon, a walking encyclopedia of sub-culture, a total-fucking-wizard & a gentleman. One of my fondest memories of last year was listening to Ron tell stories about Bukowski.

Last Gasp is known for the skull & crossbones motif, so I know I wanted to reference that without going full Jolly Roger... I also knew I wanted a pair of lungs to line-up right where the nasal cavity would be on the skull because I always thought the shapes resembled each other in this nice way & there would be no better occasion to play around with that.

Everything else I played very loose & just figured it out as I went along.

Hope they like it!

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