Garment Label for Standard & Strange

A label designed to identify the in-store brand of a local, Oakland business -- Standard & Strange -- as well as provide simple, readable instructions for the proper care of the garment.

Standard & Strange is a brilliant shop that sells mens clothing & apparel. Though they carry numerous lines from different brands & designers, everything is very durable & rugged while still maintaining clean lines & a particularly crisp style!
Niel, one of the owners, began talking to me about his ideas for a label to accompany their in-store brand. He had asked me if I liked the idea of a pig as a key component, graphically. Being a native Arkansan & Razorback fan, I felt a pig was a grand point of reference form which to start.

I also feel their tag-line speaks to the quality of the garment upon which the design is to be featured.

I'm particularly proud of the placement & usage of the ampersand in duel capacities.
Pictures of the garments will be posted soon, once the first run is out!

Feel free to visit their website!
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